What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a type of “endorsement marketing” which involves using popular individuals on social media, to promote and shoutout products to their followers.

For example, let’s take Sally, she loves cooking and has a youtube channel where she publishes cooking videos every week. She has 100k subscribers on Youtube, 50k followers on Instagram and 25k followers on Twitter. Sally is an influencer.

Along the way comes John, John created a cooking product and needs to advertise it. He tried PPC, Social Media, even radio and deemed it too expensive. Finally John came across Sally on Shoutcart, and decides to pay her to promote his product to all of Sally’s followers.

Sally publishes a video on Youtube using John’s product, posts a link where to purchase it on Twitter and takes a selfie with it through Instagram, creating tons of traffic to John’s website and generating lots of sales.

John is now an influencer marketing specialist, and Sally is an influencer with happy followers.

Browse Instagram Influencers on Shoutcart to see examples of Sally.

How to setup burst campaigns on Instagram for mobile apps and games

Instagram recently grew to 400MM active monthly users and positioned itself as a new, under rated channel for cheap mobile app installs!

In addition to official Sponsored ads, there exists an under represented community of Instagram publishers (accounts with large followings) that shoutout (feature @username mentions) each other’s accounts inside image captions and share links to affiliate offers & other promotional messages. Continue reading “How to setup burst campaigns on Instagram for mobile apps and games”

How to get your mobile game go viral

You’ve put in countless hours developing your game, rock solid screenshots, clever keywords in description, a beautiful icon to match, you even spammed your friends and emailed your relatives to download your new game!

Gameplay is amazing, graphics are top notch, there is nothing like it out there, nothing as good, it must work, it will succeed! It will pay off! Appannie is connected… analytics are in tune, everything is locked and loaded. Continue reading “How to get your mobile game go viral”