Instagram Stories are now available on Shoutcart!

We are excited to announce that you are now able to place orders for instagram stories and instagram stories with a link.

This is huge news for advertisers! Unlike shoutouts where you have to direct audience to the bio link, with instagram stories, you are able to place Call to Action in your story, and get audiences to click (swipe up) and visit your landing page directly from your story!

Look for new IG Story filters on our browse page under Influencer Channel (screenshot to the left) or simply click this Instagram Stories link to browse influencers that already offer this option!

New: Instagram Stories!

We are excited to announce that influencers are now able to offer Instagram stories!

IG StoriesAs an influencer, you can now visit your Account’s Pricing tab and set the price you would like to charge for Instagram story, and Instagram story with a link. Unlike timed shoutouts, Instagram stories will be required to stay up for full 24 hours, this will be the only duration you can set pricing for.

We will launch stories to all Shoutcart advertisers next week, at this time, we ask all influencers interested in offering stories, to submit pricing.

Thank you,
Shoutcart Team.

Minimum shoutout price increase

Dear Shoutcart influencers, we are raising our minimum pricing requirement to $10 per shoutout.

If you currently sell shoutouts under $10, we encourage you to go into your account settings and adjust your hourly pricing to reflect the minimum requirement. If $10 is a stretch for your audience, you are welcome to set $10 pricing for multiple hourly options and drive your customers to purchase longer duration shoutouts, such as 24 hour or permanent options.

Deadline to update pricing is Wednesday Sept 12, 2018 at 11am PST after which we will update everyone under $10 automatically.

As we improve our platform, the $10 minimum will allow us to reduce amount of difficult customers, offer better support to our influencers and grow yours and our business in sustainable ways.

Kind regards,
Shoutcart Team

Publish button changes

Dear Shoutcart Influencers, we changed the way our publish button works.

Your publish button will have to be pressed within 3 hours of order posting time. You still have 72 hours to post the order, but the timeframes at which you will have to post the order will now be closer to customers preferred post time.

For example, if you receive an order that has posting time at 1am, you will have opportunity to post from 10pm to 4am for 3 consecutive days until expiration time. To help visualize these changes, we created “Posting Times” table which is available on your order view for every order and looks like this:

Example preferred publish time is Jun 22, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.39.36 AM


Bio Links for Instagram

We are excited to launch ability to purchase Bio Links on Shoutcart!


What is a Bio Link for Instagram?

Bio link is a URL link that Instagram accounts have in their profile as “website” link, they are the only clickable links that are able to drive outbound traffic from Instagram to your offer.

Why is this a big deal?

Until now, advertisers were required to drive traffic from purchased shoutout to their IG account and directing users to click their bio link. This created additional friction between impression and action. Purchasing shoutouts with Bio links direct from Instagram publishers would put an end to that friction, and further re-enforce consumer trust to click the link and take action.

Non-incentive Actions

Instagram publishers use affiliate networks to monetize their follower base, they often incentivize their followers to go and click these bio links resulting in fake incentive traffic for advertisers.

With Shoutcart, advertisers are able to choose what message is displayed to consumers before they click the bio link. That message is the shoutout and you can purchase shoutouts along side bio links.


The process is pretty straight forward, you purchase shoutouts like you used to before, but if you choose pricing duration with a bio link, you will have an option to add your URL on the checkout page! The vendors will post the link to their bio in addition to your image and caption for the shoutout.


Click Here to see a list of vendors that are ready to sell shoutouts with bio link attached!

Kind Regards,
Serg – Founder of Shoutcart

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a type of “endorsement marketing” which involves using popular individuals on social media, to promote and shoutout products to their followers.

For example, let’s take Sally, she loves cooking and has a youtube channel where she publishes cooking videos every week. She has 100k subscribers on Youtube, 50k followers on Instagram and 25k followers on Twitter. Sally is an influencer.

Along the way comes John, John created a cooking product and needs to advertise it. He tried PPC, Social Media, even radio and deemed it too expensive. Finally John came across Sally on Shoutcart, and decides to pay her to promote his product to all of Sally’s followers.

Sally publishes a video on Youtube using John’s product, posts a link where to purchase it on Twitter and takes a selfie with it through Instagram, creating tons of traffic to John’s website and generating lots of sales.

John is now an influencer marketing specialist, and Sally is an influencer with happy followers.

Browse Instagram Influencers on Shoutcart to see examples of Sally.

Shoutcart Updates: March 30th, 2016

Dear Shoutcart members!

In the last few months, we have experienced tremendous growth of our platform, we now have over 600 publishing partners, and 2000+ advertisers in our system generating earnings on daily basis.

With the growth we are receiving, we had to adjust certain features of our website and create additional tools for both advertisers and publishers.  Important new features are:

Search accounts by keyword

With the growth of our network, its becoming increasingly harder to find specific shoutouts for purchase, we introduced a search bar on browse page for easy search.

Success rate

To battle inactive and dead accounts, we are introducing success rate, available on shoutout view. This ratio shows how many orders the vendor has completed successfully against how many received. Higher % means your chances of getting posted are higher, and the vendor is most likely very active.

Posting timeframes

Advertisers no longer have to worry about having their shoutouts run weeks after schedule. Our vendors are now locked to posting shoutouts during preferred shoutout time window of 72hrs, otherwise the orders will get canceled. Vendors get email notifications 1hr prior to posting, so they never miss your shoutout time.

Easy cancelations

We are making it easier for advertisers to cancel shoutouts. Just go into order view and if your shoutout is 72hrs past order time, you are able to get money back to your balance immediately.

Other notable features:

  • print pdf invoices – those who require invoices for accounting can now download them with ease on orders view. orders have to have “success” status.
  • repeat orders – want to quickly re-order same shoutouts for a new promotion? now available for all advertisers on orders view. orders have to have “success” status.
  • add to favorites – some users expressed interest in saving shoutouts for list building and later reordering, now you have that option. Look for star icon in your top menu
  • edit invoices – you are able to edit your invoice in your cart, without deleting entire order, look for edit invoice button in your cart
  • last active on user profile – to better sift through inactive users and accounts, we now let you see when the user was last active on our platform.

Thank you for using Shoutcart to grow your businesses. If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, please comment below.

Kind Regards,
Serg – Founder of Shoutcart